English for Driving Theory

a course to help you with the language of the driving theory test

The workbook and interactive materials below were developed for ESOL and literacy students and mapped to Entry 2 of both Curricula, though most of the worksheets were used successfully with higher levels and simplified for Entry 1 students. The target audience is those planning on taking their Driving Theory Test whilst wanting to improve their English. Developed in collaboration with Jennie Cole.

Click the underlined links to open interactive documents or use Right-Click Save Target As to download the materials. If you want to join a class please click here. Coming soon.

Session 1 (numbers below refer to page numbers in student workbook)

    • 6 Skills Check (ESOL and Adult Literacy)
    • 8 Learning Styles
    • 10 Individual Diagnostic
    • 11 Before I Learn to Drive (icebreaker)
    • 12 Important words to learn for session 1
    • 13 Lighting controls
    • 14 Name the car parts or click for PDF
    • 19 Diary for session
    Session 2
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