Week 10
Below are the sentences for week 10. Click the audio player on the left to listen. Press pause after each sentence and repeat.

Lesson 1

  1. Jon and Sam have bikes.

  2. So, they ride to work.

  3. This bike is red.

  4. That bike is black.

  5. Jon and Sam go fishing.

  6. They fish with a rod.

  7. They look for cod.

  8. They find a lot of cod.

  9. Then, they cook cod in a pot.

  10. Soon, they will eat the cod.

    Lesson 2

  11. Sam is in a wood.

  12. Sam has a big box.

  13. He has a box of apples.

  14. One apple rots.

  15. This apple is not good.

  16. There is a fox in the wood.

  17. Sam sees the fox.

  18. The fox sees the box.

  19. Sam has some good apples.

  20. He gives the fox an apple.

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