Week 13

Below are the sentences for week 13. Click the audio player on the left to listen. Press pause after each sentence and repeat.

Lesson 1

  1. Where did you go shopping?    

  2. I went shopping at ASDA.           

  3. What food did you buy at ASDA? 

  4. I bought milk.   

  5. When does ASDA open?

  6. It opens at 8 am.             

  7. When does ASDA close?

  8. It closes at 10 pm.

  9. Which day do you go shopping?              

  10. I go shopping on Friday.

Lesson 2

  1. The bread is above the tea.

  2. The cake is next to the tea.

  3. The coffee is under the cake.

  4. The pizza is on the shelf.

  5. The crisps are between the pizza and the soup.

  6. The water is in the glass.

  7. The soup is next to the crisps.

  8. The pizza is above the water.

  9. The onions are in front of the carrots.

  10. The carrots are behind the onions.


A word or phrase that indicates a part or quantity of something. Also called partitive noun or partitive noun phrase.

Countable nouns = you can add an S to a noun and make it plural - cup (cups)

Uncountable nouns = you can't add an S to a noun - tea (teas) X

Partitives are useful because they provide a means of counting uncountable nouns - two cups of tea.


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