Week 14

Below are the sentences for week 14. Click the audio player on the left to listen. Press pause after each sentence and repeat.

Adverbs of frequency

  • Always = 100%
  • Usually = 80%
  • Often = 60%
  • Sometimes = 25%
  • Never = 0%


Lesson 1

  1. How often do you wash up?

  2. I always wash up.

  3. How often do you sweep the floor?

  4. I never sweep the floor.

  5. How often do you tidy up?

  6. I sometimes tidy up.

  7. How often do you iron?

  8. I usually do the ironing.

  9. How often do you make the beds?

  10. I often make the beds.

Lesson 2

  1. How often do you cook a meal?

  2. I always do the cooking.

  3. How often do you empty the bins?

  4. I never empty the bins.

  5. How often do you go shopping?

  6. I sometimes go shopping.

  7. How often do you clean the house?

  8. I usually clean the house.

  9. How often do you wash up?

  10. I often wash up.

Household tasks

Lesson 1

tidy up

clean the house


sweep the floor

vacuum the floor

wash the dishes

clean the windows

mop the floor

do the ironing

make the beds

change the sheets


Lesson 2

wash up

pick up the clothes

cook a meal

set the table

clear the table

empty the bins

go shopping

take out the rubbish


dry the dishes

do the washing


Adverbs of frequency explained

Use adverbs of frequency to say how often you do something. Adverbs of frequency are often used with the present simple because they indicate repeated or routine activities. For example, They often go out for dinner.

Adverbs of frequency include (form most often to least often):


If the sentence has one verb (e.g. no auxiliary verb) put the adverb in the middle of the sentence after the subject and before the verb.


Tom usually goes to work by car.
Janet never flies. She always goes by bus.

Adverbs of frequency come after the verb 'be':


I am never late for work.
Peter is often at school.

If the sentence has more than one verb (e.g. auxiliary verb), put the adverb of frequency before the main verb.


I can never remember anything!
They have often visited Rome.

When using adverbs of frequency in the question or negative form, put the adverb of frequency before the main verb.


She doesn't often visit Europe.
Do you usually get up early?

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