Week 23

Below are the sentences for week 23. Click the audio player on the left to listen. Press pause after each sentence and repeat.

Lesson 1 sentences

Bank holiday(none)

Lesson 2 sentences

Daily routine

At the weekend …

  1. I get up at 8 o’clock. 
  2. I wake my children at quarter past 9.
  3. At half past 9 we make breakfast.
  4. At ten past ten we catch the bus.
  5. At twenty to 11 we arrive at the supermarket. 
  6. We finish shopping at five past eleven.
  7. They have lunch at midday.
  8. At twenty five past 12 we walk to the park.
  9. They play in the park at five to 1.
  10. We go home at quarter to 2.

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