Week 25

Below are the sentences for week 25. Click the audio player on the left to listen. Press pause after each sentence and repeat.

Lesson 1 sentences

  1. This is the Slimm family. They have a house in Leeds.
  2. Pam is the Mother. She is tall and pretty.
  3. She is married to Tim. He is a strong man.
  4. They have two children called Eve and Adam.
  5. The family are slim and healthy.
  6. Pam loves exercise. She goes running. She enjoys it.
  7. Tim always walks to work. He always goes to the gym.
  8. Pam cooks for her children. She doesn’t like takeaways.
  9. Pam and Tim have jobs. Pat is a hairdresser. Tim is a vet.
  10. Adam goes to school. He loves climbing and football.
  11. Eve also goes to school. She enjoys dancing and swimming.
  12. The family eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink water.

Lesson 2 sentences

Mr Ali Can I make an appointment please?
Receptionist Is tomorrow at 9.30 OK?
Mr Ali Sorry, I can’t come in the morning because I go to college.  Can I have an appointment in the afternoon please?
Receptionist OK.  Is tomorrow at 5.45 OK?
Mr Ali Yes thank you, that’s OK.
Receptionist What’s your name please?
Mr Ali It’s John Ali.
Receptionist Okay Mr Ali.  That’s tomorrow at 5.45.

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