Week 6
Below are the sentences for week 6. Click the audio player on the left to listen. Press pause after each sentence and repeat.

Lesson 1

  1. A cup for dad.

  2. A mug for mum.

  3. Where is the cup?

  4. Three cups.

  5. One jug for mum.

  6. A cup and a jug.

  7. See the rug.

  8. Find the yellow rug.

  9. A bug.

  10. A bug on the yellow rug.

    Lesson 2

  11. One brown hut.

  12. Three huts.

  13. The children go to the hut!

  14. We play at the hut.

  15. A hut and nuts.

  16. Three nuts.

  17. Cut up!

  18. Cut up the nuts.

  19. Where are the nuts?  

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