Week 7
Below are the sentences for week 7. Click the audio player on the left to listen. Press pause after each sentence and repeat.

Lesson 1

  1. My name is Pat.

  2. I cook with pans.

  3. A brown pan.

  4. A black pan.

  5. A tap for water.

  6. Water to cook.

  7. I make bread baps.

  8. I wear a cap.

  9. I cook in a cap.

  10. Then I have a nap.

    Lesson 2

  11. Pat has four cats.

  12. Two black cats.

  13. Two brown cats.

  14. Pat has four hats.

  15. A cat is in her hat.

  16. The cats are at home.

  17. One cat is fat.

  18. One cat ran away.

  19. The cat came back.

  20. One cat ate a rat.

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