Week 9
Below are the sentences for week 9. Click the audio player on the left to listen. Press pause after each sentence and repeat.

Lesson 1

  1. Pam is pretty.

  2. She has a tin.

  3. A tin for her pins.

  4. Pins for her hair.

  5. Pam’s dog ate the tin.

  6. The dog bit Pam.

  7. So Pam hit the dog.

  8. Now the dog is good.

  9. The dog sits still.

  10. Pam has a new tin.

    Lesson 2

  11. Bob and Pam are fit.

  12. They run outside.

  13. They ran in a race.

  14. Pam must be tired.

  15. Please can we stop?

  16. No, keep running.

  17. We can win the race.

  18. Pam is in pain.

  19. Her feet hurt.

  20. Bob wins the race.

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