Session 6

After you have completed session 6, you should be able to:

  • Consider the importance of effective teamwork.
  • Explain the importance of diversity and equal opportunities.
  • Decide on the next steps in your chosen career.

So you want to work in childcare!

Whether you want to work full time or part time, there are many employment opportunities to those wishing to work in early years. In the previous sessions we have looked at the different types of Early Years settings and the skills and qualities needed to work with children.

Working in childcare is rewarding, enjoyable and at times exhausting! Those employed in this area often look forward to going into work each day to play and have fun with the children. However, you should be aware of the important part you will play in shaping the lives of future generations by helping children to develop and learn.

Remember working in childcare is not just about playing with children, it’s much more!

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