citizenship and refugee support

esolcitizenship.org.uk > niace learning materials for citizenship

redcross.org.uk/refugee - refugee support from the Red Cross

refugee-action.org.uk/ > independent charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers

ind.homeoffice.gov.uk/ > information and statistical data from the UK Border Agency

openlearn.open.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=3490 > an advanced course on citizenship and refugee status

refugeecouncil.org.uk/ > Refugee Council online

star-network.org.uk/ > information from Student Action for Refugees

scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk/ > Scottish Refugee Council

jcwi.org.uk/ > Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

asylumaid.org.uk/ > providing legal assistance to asylum seekers

asylumsupport.info/ > providing up-to-date information from UK Asylum Support

unhcr.org/cgi-bin/texis/vtx/home > providing up-to-date information from the UN Refugee Agency

ein.org.uk/ > Electronic Immigration Network

ecre.org/ > European Council on Refugees and Exiles

iasuk.org/ > legal advice and representation from Immigration Advisory Service

For technology, thanks to:

fms.denniehoopingarner.com/ > audio recorder

clear.msu.edu/clear/store/moreinfo.php?product_ID=46 > audio recording

lextutor.ca/ > spellings, concordance and gapfill reading activity

javascript-array.com > multi-level drop-down menu

1pixelout.net/code/audio-player-wordpress-plugin/ > audio player

google.com/coop/cse > customised ESOL UK google search engine

dhtmlgoodies.com/index.html?whichScript=drag-drop-custom > drag and drop


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