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The project which led to the development of materials on this page was commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills and the Home Office, and was managed by NIACE and LLU+ at London South Bank University.

Published by NIACE:

NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education)
(England and Wales)
21 De Montfort Street
Leicester LE1 7GE
Comapany registration number: 2603322
Registered charity number: 1002775

NIACE has a broad remit to promote lifelong learning opportunities for adults. NIACE works to develop increased participation in education and training, particularly for those who do not have easy access because of class, gender, age, race, language and culture, learning difficulties or disabilities, or insufficient financial resources.

You can find NIACE online at www.niace.org.uk


LLU+ at London South Bank University is a national consultancy and professional development centre for staff working in the areas of literacy, numeracy, dyslexia, family learning and English for Speakers of Other Languages. We also have specialists in learning support, language and maths, and the application of learning styles approaches to teaching and learning.

For further information see: www.lsbu.ac.uk/lluplus