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UK Citizenship

These language learning videos were developed over a period of two years. Individuals were interviewed and asked to talk about their job roles and what citizenship meant to them. The outcome of this is 73 videos with rich information and language and literacy opportunities. Thanks to Mary Clayton and Wendy Godden for allowing me to drag them around Yorkshire and interview so many people who generously gave their time.

Language Levels: beginners = (E1) (E2) (E3); intermediate = (L1) (L2).

Section 1 - What is citizenship?

Section 2 - Parliament

Section 3 - Geography and History

Section 4 - UK as a diverse society

Section 5 - UK in Europe, UN and Commonwealth

Section 6 - Human Rights

Section 7 - Working in the UK

Section 8 - Health

Section 9 - Housing

Section 10 - Education

Section 11 - Community Engagement

Section 12 - Knowing the law

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