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Tutor notice

The nineteen videos above were developed in 2005 by tutors at Leeds Thomas Danby supported by CACL Round 2 funding. This video project was the ESOL department's first attempt at videoing for language learning. Camcorders used were budget quality. The consequence of this is reduced audio and image quality in some of the videos.

Please remember that for all of the tutors involved this was their first attempt at video production and acting. None of us will be giving up our day jobs. Many thanks to the following: Sophie, Michael, Jess, Chris, Rufus, Win, Pat, Sheila, Jennie, Mary, Clare, Servan, Ali.

The language activities on this website have been carefully designed to support a range of English skills, including reading, writing and listening. Semantic awareness of word usage in different contexts, as well as vocabulary building through lexical relations, are two strategies used to scaffold literacy activities from the audio input in the videos. All pages and instructions have been simplified to make them as accessible as possible.

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